Student Packing & Storage

LOVESPACE has packed rooms for thousands of students displaced by COVID-19 who needed help with storage or shipping. We now ship across the UK and worldwide.

Still need your stuff packed?

Click the button below and book our 3’x4’ virtual storage unit. You can tell us you need your stuff packed here!

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Book a removal on-demand to help your house move go smoothly, from a single room to entire business moves. Prices start from £99.

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How it works

You book with us

You book with us

You book a virtual storage unit with us. We’ll check when we can serve your building. Don’t worry, you will be fully refunded if we cannot serve you.

We'll pack and collect your stuff for just £184 if you choose our 3x4 unit. Larger units are available if you have more stuff and pricing for these can be found here.

If you’ve used us before, you’ll just need to create a new account.

If you need international shipping, please let us know when we get in touch.

We pack your stuff

We pack your stuff

We’ll pack the stuff in your room and will bring all the packing materials needed to pack your stuff up professionally, ready for storage or shipping. We will need someone to let us into your room and sign to confirm we’ve packed all your stuff, but it doesn’t have to be you! It can be a friend, relative, neighbour or receptionist.

If you require international shipping, it is your or your representative's responsibility to ensure prohibited items are not packed.

There are some bits and pieces that we can’t ship or store, such as liquids, food and perishable goods. You can find a full list of what we cannot pack here.

Keeping your stuff in storage

Keeping your stuff in storage

Once we’ve packed your stuff, we’ll take it to our secure storage facility and look after it for as long as you need.

You pay for your storage monthly. We think the 3’x4’ unit is the perfect size for students! If you have a bit more stuff and need a larger unit, we’ll upgrade the size once your stuff has been packed and then update any future monthly payments.

When you’re ready to have it back, you can place an order through your LOVESPACE account to arrange delivery to your new address.

We include up to £500 per unit contents cover for £4.95/month. Please note, we are not liable for any items not packed. Find out more about your coverage here.

Having your stuff shipped back to you

Having your stuff shipped back to you

We’ve partnered with an international courier so once we’ve packed your stuff, you can book a return shipping order anywhere in the world from your LOVESPACE account.

If you need, we can help provide you with an international shipping quote – we’ll provide details when you book your return.